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What are Continuous Integration Build Scripts?

To build the solution as a part of the Continuous Integration Cycle, Build Scripts are used. Here, a general build script is created as a part of Visual Studio in .Net for the sample solution. Even for simple solutions, the build scripts are usually very big and hence only the important parts of the build script are discussed. The Build script is stored in file with the same name as that of the min solution in Visual Studio. The file Simple.csproj contains all the settings used for building a solution.

Dependency on the MSBuild version used

The following settings will use the MSBuild files installed on the CI server.

Files required to build the solution properly

The ItemGroup tag will contain all the necessary .Net files which are required for the project to build successfully. These files will need to reside on the build server accordingly.

Web server settings to be used

MSBuild is used to override these settings and deploy to the desired server, in Continuous Deployment.

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