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What are Basic Tools in Content Marketing?

Content Marketing tools come in different shape and sizes. What will work for you is totally reliant on your business supplies and the scope of your content marketing strategy. The tools listed below cover the three central aspect of content creation, organization, and optimization.

What are Content Creation and Publishing Tools?

These tools will help you generate a website from scratch, build your blog, and send e-mail to your subscribers and publish almost any kind of content. recognized as content management tools, these range from the simple and free ones such as Wordpress and Drupal to the paid ones such as Sitecore and Tridion.

What are Conversion and Data Capture Tools?

What these tools do is allow you to build online register forms and surveys for your key landing pages. They capture data of customers visit these landing pages, which can be included with sales tools like Examples include Wufoo, Equola, Manticore, etc.

What are Content Optimization Tools?

These are tools that help you to bring specific content to targeted customers. Once users come to your website and recognize themselves, these tools push content which are relevant to these users.

For example, let’s say you own a travel website and a user comes and identify himself as a tourist looking for cars in the city, now these tools will filter your content and provide the user only the related information, while hiding the unrelated ones. Examples of such tools include Google Website Optimizer, Adobe Omniture, Autonomy Optimost, etc.

What are Social Media Management and Listening Tools?

These tools are outstanding for managing and tracking the content for your social channels such as Facebook ad Twitter. One of the most often used tools is Hootsuite, which allows you to centrally schedule your social media posts. For Twitter, you can use Tweetdeck and for further analysis, you can seize tools like Radian6 and Sysomos.

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