WEB (WORLD WIDE WEB)WWW Consumer Behaviour

Web, as we all know, is a net made by the spider. In computer terminology, it is a standard for navigating, publishing information and executing transactions. It is used:

  1. To develop ways of linking distant documents (Hyperlink).
  2. It enables users to work together (Collaborative authoring).

Companies use the web for communication with customers and suppliers, by publishing contents on their web server for widespread distribution. Many companies are selling their products on the web. A number of functions are performed including advertising, sales, customer service and marketing. Information transfers from bank to bank, bank to customers, business to customer, and even entertainment functions can be undertaken. The web can perform a number of tasks. These include attracting new customers via marketing and advertising.

Servicing existing customers via customer service and support functions, developing new markets and new distribution channels for existing products, developing new information based products. It also includes brand name management, exhibiting product catalogues and sales information and new product announcements i.e., (customer service).

It is useful in handling customer queries that would otherwise be handled by a service representative. It can handle many customer-oriented tasks. Software can be delivered from one computer to another, within no time. Customers can check their personal bank accounts. They can know their balances and recent transactions which helps to make better and quick decisions.

They can trace their parcels or packages as to where they are kept, or to what point of destination they have reached and when. The interaction with the government agencies has also become more accessible and useful. Tax information, employment opportunities, changes in rules or tax structure are also accessible with the press of a button.

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