Objectives of Consumer Behaviour Analysis

The objectives of consumer behaviour analysis are mostly consumer researches are undertaken to find out the attitudes of the consumer about a product. Their preferences, likes and dislikes which lead to the further modernization of the sales strategies by the marketer.
Researches can be conducted to find out the percentage of people using a certain product or facility (a pager or mobile phone).
Researchers may also like to know the types of consumers and their demographic characteristics for a particular product.
They may also like to experiment with new promotional campaigns, and since these campaigns require a lot of expenditure, they may do researches to be sure of the campaign’s success, before the final launch of the campaign.
The decline in sales may require the marketer to conduct researches which can give a clue of the changing consumer behaviour.
The objective therefore, must be clearly set and followed strictly. Then only can we decide what type of Research Design should be used. The researches can be quantitative or qualitative in nature.
Qualitative research design is undertaken to come up with new ideas, and in this design,brain storming tools and other face to face techniques with experts are used. This is confined indoors, and is less expensive than the quantitative research.

Quantitative research design is used in the market place where we have to interview people, to find out the number of persons using the product, or how frequently they use the product etc.

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