THE COMPUTER AGE Consumer Behaviour

Consumer can’t be seen or met (Cyber consumer). This is the age of information Technology.The computers are being put to wide use. They are being used for business and domestic purposes, for government work, for buying and selling, for recording and retrieving information, for electronic communication with the greatest of ease, and they are used all over the world. Companies have been working towards computerization, and the first commercial computer was given to the world in 1924 by IBM Computer education started in 1928, and today it has changed the entire concept of business and mankind. Right from railway booking which entailed long queues at the reservation counters, to accessing the latest information, thing shave become much easier and methodical. In the beginning, emphasis was given to programming in Pascal, COBAL, FORTRAN etc., then we had the transition to three generation languages,and now the E-Business, which can be described as the method of doing business electronically, which has now become an integrated discipline.

In 1990, online services were started which provided a new form of social interaction, such as Inter relay chat (IRC) and knowledge sharing, such as new groups and file transfer programs. Social interaction led to the concept of “global village”. By using the global Internet,people can exchange information and can communicate with each other at a much lower cost.

In 1990, the WWW (World Wide Web) provided an easy to use technology solution, to the problem of information publishing and dissemination. It enabled more diverse activities in Business.

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