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After identifying the research problem and determining specific information required to solve a problem, the researcher looks for appropriate data to solve the problem. This can be done by secondary data which is already published and is accessible. If secondary data is not sufficient to solve the problem, primary data which is generated by the researcher through questionnaires, surveys and interviews is utilized. We shall discuss here the secondary data first. A problem can be partially solved by the secondary data. It is economical. It saves money and time. In some cases where new products are to be launched or new marketing practices are to be adopted, secondary data may not be adequate or sufficient or may not be of much use.
Secondary data is however, an important source of consumer research.

Merits of using secondary data

  1. It is economical both in terms of money and time.
  2. It has no bias as it is already published and the facts and figures are already collected for some other purpose.


  1. It has limited applicability.
  2. The accuracy of the data is doubtful.

Sources of secondary data
Internal data: It is procured from the company itself. It includes orders, shipments, sales, advertising expenditure, detailed statement, inventory records, transportation costs, raw materialcost, research reports, profit/loss statements. Some companies have their own data banks where they store, retrieve, analyze and evaluate information whenever necessary.
External data consists of:

  1. Government sources
  2. Commercial sources
  3. Industrial sources
  4. Miscellaneous sources

Government sources:Consists of information accessible from;

  1. Department of Census
  2. State Government
  3. Central Government Census, carried out for information on burning issues, i.e., agriculture, population, transportation, manufacturing, minerals and other industries.

The central government can give information on health education and social welfare industries, agriculture and housing. The Central Government Secretariat, New Delhi keeps all this data for records.

Similarly, state governments and union territories have their secretariat at the capital cities.

commercial,industries and miscellaneous

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