Primary Data Consumer Behaviour

This is the data collected by the researcher himself and there are many ways of collecting this data. In consumer research we are concerned with the behaviour of the consumer and the behaviour is influenced by the consumers’ demographic and socio-economic characteristics as well. Therefore, it becomes necessary to be aware not only of customers demographic characteristics,but also of his attitudes, interests, opinions, knowledge, intentions, motivation etc.

This is used to find out what the consumers are aware of and what they do not know. This is imparted to them by advertising and by other promotional methods.
This can be done by using awareness approaches of unaided recall, aided recall, or by recognition. The idea is to find out whether the consumer is aware of product:

  1. aware of the attributes of the product.
  2. aware of the availability of the product
  3. aware of the price of the product
  4. aware of where the product is available
  5. aware of the company making the product
  6. aware of the use of the product

Whether a person is inclined to buy the product. What can be one’s purchasing behaviour:

  • Does he have definite intention to buy the product
  • Does he have a probable intention to buy.
  • Is he undecided.
  • He has no intentions to buy.

However, one cannot freely trust the statement regarding purchases as there is a definite deviation between what is said and what is practiced.

A consumer researcher wants to find out why people behave as they do. Motives refer to a need, a want or a drive an urge, a wish or a desire that leads to goal directed behaviour. There are various needs that must be fulfilled. A marketer has to know what he can do to fulfil these needs:

  1. Physiological needs of food, shelter and clothing.
  2. Security needs
  3. Social needs
  4. Aesthetic needs
  5. Esteem needs
  6. Ego needs
  7. Self-actualising needs

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