Organizational Customers Definition

We need to understand the organizational market. For making a car, many components are required, to market help of a distribution channel is required. It is a chain. The area is very vast and heterogeneous. Organizational marketing or “ghost” organizational customer, as the customer is huge and unlimited. There are many types of organizations with different classifications. These require different types of raw materials. In manufacturing a car one needs all types of material. Iron sheets to wires, to screws, bolts, iron strips.

Organizational Customers
Electrical gadgets, battery, glass windows and screens, rubber goods, aluminium goods and, hundred of other materials. The suppliers of these materials also require raw materials for their use. Hence, there is an endless chain of suppliers of raw materials. What is a finished product for an industry, can become raw material for the other industry.
Organization can be classified as Industrial-industries are scattered all over the country,and they constitute all organizations involved in manufacturing, assembling, fabrication,etc.

These organizers cover universities, hospitals, distribution firms, advertising firms.

Government organization
Like the PWD, the DGS and D organizations several collecting organizations, several boards and government administrative organizations.

Public organization
Post, telegraph, and telecommunication, water works, health organizations.

Private organization
There are many other firms in which the organization exists. These are:
Mining and extractive industries: These include Coal India ONGC, Hindustan Copper Limited, industries involved in extraction from ore.
Material processing industries: Tata Steel, Steel Authority of India, Bharat Aluminum Company (BALCO), Hindalco, etc.
Manufacturing of parts and assembly: General Electric Company, Larsen Turbo, Kirloskar, MICO, Bharat Forge and many other industries involved in making parts and assembly.
Final assembly: Local brands of cooler manufacturers, shelves, cupboards, trays, tables, chairs, TV manufacturers, truck manufacturers, computer manufacturers.

These firms undertake the distribution of various goods, and many products are marketed by them. These include consumable goods, office goods, food products, bearings, tubes, electrical appliances. They may be in the form of marketeers, distributors, agents, middleman or agents.

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