The marketers wishing to communicate about their products, must be very careful and present their messages so that they are not misinterpreted, but interpreted accurately. A large number of audiences do not understand the real meaning behind the messages. This may also be due to demographic variables or, their casual approach towards the advertisement.
Memory is the storage factor which could be of long term or short term. Memory can be activated. The marketers do it by repetition of messages. When buying items, one tries to recall the past experiences with that item. How pleasant it had been. This affects the decisionmakingprocess.
Perception and Marketing Strategies
Marketing strategy consists of direction the 4 Ps on the target market. When we talk of perception and marketing strategy, we direct the 4 Ps for proper exposure,attention, interpretation and action.

Thus, the product, its brand name, style, packaging and other features should all be such that a proper image or meaning is perceived by the individual.

Price decides the value of goods. A high or a low price may be perceived in different ways. Some may think of a high price as a good quality product from a big company or prestigious product and brand. Others may think of a high price as a gimmick, whereas, the other lower priced products compare well with the brand in question. Similarly, a low price may be interpreted as a low quality product or, as an opportunity given by the company to make its product popular.
The selection of the media is important and it should be correlated with the audience one is trying to reach. We can have different media for rural and urban areas. We may also have different media for younger people, as compared to elder people.

Media for men, women, high income, or low income groups may also be different. The advertisements must capture attention and convey meaning. The consumers take an interesting the ads when they are in need of the product, not otherwise. Various strategies of capturing the attention of the consumers can be used, i.e., by giving big ads or the ads of celebrities who can capture the attention. Sometimes, garment sellers put an attractive woman, different shades of colors can make the product popular and the sale may increase. A lot of advertisements give importance to sex appeal, e.g., showing an attractive woman with the product in the hand or in use. Branded jeweler advertised with the help of beautiful film actresses or models captures the attention of the audience.
Retail shops are well decorated. Interior designing and arrangements of product displays.Point of purchase displays. Visible shelves, lighted with proper background attracts the customer. The ambience and the atmosphere of the shop with proper music, air-conditioning and shining floors and walls, all attract the customers and can increase the traffic in the store,and consequently, register greater sales.
A successful advertisement must accomplish 4 basic tasks:
Exposure: It must be exposed to reach the consumer.
Attention: Should be able to attract the customer and make him interested in the product.
Interpretation: The meaning attached should be consistent with the projected meaning.
Memory: Must be stored in the memory so that retrieval is possible.

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