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“Your mind is like a camera with a memory, it can take several pictures, which you can file forsubsequent use.”
Consumers have prior learning experiences, which are accumulated in their minds. The total accumulation of past experiences are known as memory. Memory can be divided intoshort-term memory or long-term memory.

Short-term memory: It is the memory which can be recalled immediately and, is activated and in use. It can also be referred to as the working memory, which one can work with and refer to, whenever required. Short-term memory can give continued repetition of a piece of information that can be used for problem solving. When elaborate activities are considered,they ride five involvements in the memory. Elaborate activities make use of previously stored experiences, values attitudes, beliefs and feelings, to interpret and evaluate information and add new elements to memory.

Long-term memory: It is a permanent storage in the minds of the consumer. It isactive and can store a variety of information consisting of concepts, decisions, rules, processes,affective states, etc. This is important to the marketeer because an image of a brand and the concepts that a consumer had heard about a brand, are made up of various elements and the consumer can have a lot of meanings attached to the brand, when the particular brand ismentioned.

Long-term memory

The various factors that come to a consumer’s mind when he thinks of Coca Cola or Bata Shoes are shown in the figure. Similarly, meanings can be associated to various brands and products when one thinks of them. These can be recalled both by short-term or long-term memory.
Marketers try to position their brands in the minds of the consumer. It relates to the memory of brand in relation to competing products. By this, the marketer tries to enhance the image of his brand which suits the consumer, promotes the image of the products and the stores as well. Product position evolves over time, as the marketer gets to know more about the preference of the consumers. Consumers usually have an “ideal brand” concept and, they want to beas close to the ideal brand as possible. The marketer also tries to offer a product by positioning and repositioning the product which comes as close as possible to the consumer’s ideal brand. This can be done by finding out the critical dimensions which are preferred. In case of a soft drink, the dimension could be:
If the ideal brand as perceived by the consumer is (X) that is (5,2) on the graph. The marketer tries to make a product as close to the ideal brand as possible.


Similarly, if a car has to have the dimensions as shown in the figure.

car has to have the dimensions

The different consumers refer different combination and have their ideal brand in their minds. The marketer has to find the ideal brand required to cater to the customer’s satisfaction.

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