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Cultural values are not fixed or static but keep changing and are dynamic. They come slowly but surely. One of the factors that leads to the cultural change is the increased craving for fun excitement and enjoyment which open more opportunities for travel, thrills, fun oriented, entertainment and liesure-oriented products. Other factors could be the paucity of time that people have. Most people are so busy and want to save time on travel, on cooking, on marketing and on repairs of items etc.
The urge of saving time leads to the fast moving and safer moving vehicle etc. Fast food centres, convenience foods, cooking aids, microwave ovens, disposable diapers, telemarketing, E-business etc. The services are now being delivered at home by just a phone-call in servicing of cars, the cars are taken from your place and an alternative car provided for use till your car is delivered.

The urge for spending more time at home also known as cocooning has also brought anew dimension in purchasing of products like exercise machines, swimming pools, sauna bath in the house, owning of computers and video cassette and recorders. People also want to make use of the money they get as a golden handshake or as retirement benefits and want to live a healthier life. Comprehensive health care and direct housing. Many consumers want to live aninner-directed life and spend on improving themselves—improving their looks, vigour, vitality and well being and live life to the fullest. Another change that is taking place is that consumers want to live a more natural and healthier life by using natural products i.e., rejection of the artificial and acceptance of the natural material. This can be done in many areas of pharmaceuticals:
Use of natural herbs.
Cosmetics-natural herbs and not chemicals, house hold items and plants.
Clothes-Pure cotton, pure silk.
Furnishing-Change synthetic to natural fibres.

These cultural changes leads the marketeer to rethink his strategies of products mix,promotion, pricing and distribution for the targeted consumer. They try to offer more than what the customer expects, offering products that truly perform giving more guarantees building stranger relationships. The market is to be segmented in terms of cultural values. Environment oriented values, self-oriented values are other values and accordingly the products are to betailored to their needs and products be positioned to appeal to this target segment. Distribution methods may include in home catalogue shopping, toll-free telephone shopping. Latest are thedrive in churches and funeral parlours for short of time consumers.

The promotion can have a new approach and stress more on realistic aspects and acknowledging the women’s role in our society. Advertizing focussed on the desired segment and more and accurate information delivered to the consumer.

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