Makers Consumer Behaviour

They are in the action-oriented category. They have construction skills and value self sufficiency.Makers experience the work by working on it. They are people engaged in constructionwork and work with their hands and in the industry. They are politically conservative, suspiciousof new ideas, they buy stuff which helps them in achieving their purpose. They buy tools,pick up trucks and, all that helps them in practical work.

They are a status-oriented category, but have a low income as they are striving to find a secureplace in life. They are low in economic, social and psychological resources. They are concernedabout the opinion of others. They see success with money. They like to be stylish. They wish tobe upwardly mobile and strive for more.

They are in the principle-oriented category. They are conservative, conventional people, withtheir needs, strong faiths, and beliefs. Have modest resources sufficient to meet their needs.They are conservative and predictable. Use established brands.

They are action oriented, young, vital, enthusiastic, impulsive and rebellious. They have enoughresources and experiment in new ventures. They indulge in exercise, sports, outdoor recreationand social activities. They are avid consumers and spend much on entertainment, clothing,food, music, videos, movies, etc. This pattern of behaviour changes, as they are enthusiasticto new ideas.

They are also placed high in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and are career and work oriented.They make their dreams come true. They are workaholics. Work provides them with asense of duty, material rewards and prestige. They live conventional lives, authority and imageis important to them. They also favour established products and show their success around.

As the name suggests, they are satisfied and mature people who are well educated, valueorder, knowledge and responsibility. They are practical consumers and conservative. Theylook for products which are durable, have value and function properly. They are well informedabout the world, and are ready to increase their knowledge. Prefer leisure at home.

They have abundant resources and are sophisticated in their taste and habits. They are active,and have high self-esteem. They develop, explore and express themselves in a variety of ways.They have taste and are leaders in business, and in government. They have wide interests andare concerned with social issues and are open to change.

While designing a marketing strategy, a company can employ a concentrated marketingstrategy or, a differentiated marketing strategy or, even a counter-segmentation strategy,depending on the need and requirements.

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