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As a consumer we are all unique and this uniqueness is reflected in the consumption pattern and the process of purchase. The study of consumer behaviour provides us with reasonswhy consumers differ from one another in buying using products and services.We receive stimuli from the environment and the specifies of the marketing strategies of different products and services, and responds to the stimuli in terms of either buying or not buying product.In between the stage of receiving the stimuli and responding to it, the consumer goes through the process of making his decision.

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour in Marketing

The study of consumer behaviour (CB) is very important to the marketers because it enables them to understand and predict buying behaviour of consumers in the marketplace; it is concerned not only with what consumers buy, but also with why they buy it, when and where and how they buy it, and how often they buy it, and also how they consume it & dispose it.According to Professor Theodore Levitt of the Harvard Business School, the study of Consumer Behaviour is one of the most important in business education, because the purpose of a business is to create and keep customers.

Customers are created and maintained through marketing strategies. And the quality of marketing strategies depends on knowing, serving, and influencing consumers. In other words, the success of a business is to achieve organisational objectives, which can be done by the above two methods. This suggests that the knowledge & information about consumers is critical for developing successful marketing strategies because it challenges the marketers to think about and analyse the relationship between the consumers & marketers, and the consumer behaviour& the marketing strategy.

Consumer Behaviour Meaning and Definition

The term consumer behavior is defined as the behavior that consumer display in searching for purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing of product and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. Consumer behavior focuses on how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (time, money, effort) on consumption related items. This includes what they buy, why they buy it, when they buy it, where they buy it, how often they buy it, how often they use it, how they evaluate it after the purchase and the impact of such evaluation on future, and how they dispose of it.

Some-consumer-behaviour roles

In another words, consumer behavior can be define as the behaviour of individuals in regards to acquiring, using, and disposing of products,services, ideas or experiences. Consumer behavior also includes the acquisition and use of information. Thus, communication with consumers and receiving feedback for them is a crucial part of consumer behavior which is of great interest to marketer.

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