To generate delight is not an easy job. Companies are vying with each other for competitive advantage. A customer gets most satisfied when he least expects it. The company also delivers at the door step of the consumer which generates unparalleled value and satisfaction. For this one must:

  • Strive constantly to provide additional customer value in every transaction.
  • Try to provide surprise benefits.
  • Constantly express expectations that the customer has built around your product.
  • Treat the customer exclusively.
  • Look for expectations and performance gaps in order to identify opportunities to delight.

The delight chain shown in Fig starts with measuring the customer satisfaction through customer satisfaction indices, and by market research and consumer researches, and through direct contact to understand the latent needs of the consumer. Once the needs have been recognized, quality management is practiced and implemented to provide better service than competitors. For this, it is essential for the management to give a lot of power to employees to take proper decisions and initiative. The customer is delighted when the service or the product gives a touching feeling. It is also essential to over deliver (deliver more than has been promised), and also to come out with newer methods of service and techniques to give creativity and innovation as much as possible.

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