Environmental Influences Introduction Consumer Behaviour

The factors that influence consumer behaviour can be classified into internal factors or (individual determinants) and, external environmental factors. External factors do not affect the decision process directly, but percolate or filter through the individual determinants, to influence the decision process as shown in Figure: A simplified framework for studying consumer behaviour

The arrow shows how the external influences are filtered towards the individual determinants to affect the decision process.

The individual determinants that effect consumer behaviour are:

  • Motivation and involvement
  • Attitudes
  • Personality and self-concept
  • Learning and memory
  • Information processing

The external influences or factors are:

  • Cultural influences
  • Sub-cultural influences
  • Social class influences
  • Social group influences
  • Family influences
  • Personal influences
  • Other influences

We shall give a brief description of these influences in this section and they will be dealt with in greater detail in the subsequent sections.

A-Simplified-frame-work for studying consumer behaviour

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