Marketers have also used emotions to arouse the interest of the consumer. They have use demotion as a product benefit and emotion arousal in context of advertising. When we are emotionally aroused, we try to evaluate the product in a positive or negative manner. “The BUNJEE* jumping was a near death experience. Yet I loved it.”

We try to seek positive emotions most of the time but, there are many exceptions as shown. Consumers seek products which arouse emotions. These could be for primary or secondary benefits. Movies, books and music are examples of primary benefit. Khajuraho, TajMahal, Goa, Easel World positioned as emotion arousing destinations. E-mail or Voice mail are also positioned as emotion arousing products. Excitement and fun can be generated by soft drinks and consumption of alcohol. Luxury cars give a feeling of delight and excitement.

Marketers also take advantage of negative and unpleasant emotions and, when one feels sad, powerless, humiliated or disgusted, they promote the products to prevent or reduce negative emotions. These could be medicines and such products. Flowers are promoted as an antidote to sadness, slimming gimmicks, personal grooming products (toiletries, etc.) are also used to do away with negative emotions. Anxiety and stress reduction products are also designed for the purpose.

Advertising also plays an important part in reducing negative emotions. Advertisements which have an emotional context such as joy, warmth, disgust, do attract attention more than the neutral advertisements. Physiological arousal takes place and more attention is paid to such advertisements. Family relationships are projected in many advertisements, which bring warmth and joy. Repeated exposure to positive emotions, reinforces product and brand preference.

Advertisements having positive emotional appeals are gaining popularity. Emotionally charged advertisements, arouse in an individual a feeling of pride, security, happiness and confidence. Most advertisers use emotional appeals to attract customers. This is done by repeated exposures.

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