Decision-making Processes Introduction Consumer Behaviour

A decision is the selection of an action from two or more alternative choices.
Everyday we take many decisions and sometimes stopping to think how we make these decisions and what is involved in its process. Before we take up a simple model of decision making. The consumer-related models of decision making are discussed below:

  1. Economic Man Model:Customer is characterized as an Economic MAN and he makes rational decision.
  2. Passive Man Model: It is opposite to Economic Man model and describes the consumer as impulsive and irrational purchasers. They are ready to yield to the tactics of the consumer. The salesman takes the consumer through H stages (AIDA). These are:
  3. Cognitive Man Model: It portrays the consumer as a thinking problem solver. Itfocusses on the process by which consumers seek and evaluate information on selecting brands and retail outlets. The information seeking is stopped as soon as sufficient information is received. It develops shortcut decisions. The consumer avoids Information Load i.e., too much information.

The INPUT, PROCESS and OUTPUT MODEL of decision making.The input factors are the external influences which are the 4 Ps of marketing. These sociocultural background of family, social class culture etc. forms the input. It is what the consumer is influenced by or what goes into his mind. This is known as input.

Next follows the process of decision making. These need recognition; pre purchase search which are dealt with in separate topics. These along with the psychological factors of motivation, perception, learning, personality, attitude and experience form the constituents of Decision Making.

Next is the post-purchase decisonbehaviour that is whether the product is bought or not, and whether it is taken for trial or purchased right away. The real test is the repeat purchases. Repeat purchases confirm that product is liked by the consumer. Then we have the post-purchase evaluation, whether the customer is satisfied or not.

A-simple-model of consumer decision making

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