DATA ANALYSIS Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour Data Analysis

The consumer behaviour data analyses it by various methods. These could be by means of:

  1. Percentages
  2. Averages: Mean, Median, Mode
  3. Disposition: Range, Mean obsolete deviation (MD), Standard deviation (SD)
  4. Statistical methods: Second test, Third test chi-square analysis Regression analysis, etc. Multivariate analysis

Presentation of the report
After the analysis, the report is prepared and presented. It includes the summary of findings, methodology, sampling techniques, use of primary and secondary data, list of tales, recommendations and suggestions, appendices and bibliography.

Consumer research is therefore an important step to understand consumer behaviour. In this world of competition, consumer research has gained importance as no company can afford to neglect or overlook the changing behaviour of consumers. Consumers want ease, convenience, economic satisfaction, and their needs are changing. They are becoming more intelligent and sophisticated in their buying and they are equipped to make better and quicker decisions.
Consumer research gives an input to marketers to foresee and re frame their strategies so that they can remain in the market and maintain and improve their standings.

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