Customer Delight Introduction - Consumer Behaviour

While discussing consumer behaviour, it is seen that the process of decision-making consists of five steps. These are:

  1. Problem recognition
  2. Information search
  3. Alternative evaluation
  4. Purchase
  5. Post-purchase behaviour

In the last step one is concerned with the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the customer.

The aim is to satisfy the customer. However, in pursuit of satisfaction the marketers and the manufactures have gone a step further and they now not only want to satisfy but delight the customer. By delighting the customer we go far beyond satisfaction, and by innovation, augmentation and value addition, we improve the product greatly, so that the customer is looking for a special feeling, which is far beyond his expectation. Delight dazzles the customer and gives extra benefits which he had never imagined. We can define delight from the following statements:

  • The fulfillment of latest needs that a customer is not aware of.
  • A quality of service or an unexpected benefit from the marketer.
  • Personalized standard service of a product/service.
  • Solutions of the problem offered at the personnel initiative of the company’s employees.

For example, the very entry into a room hired by a customer at the Le-Meridian Hotel. delights the customer. He is welcomed with a caption on the computer screen.
“Welcome to the hotel”
“Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and family”
“Have a nice day”.
Customer delight
Delight Customer satisfaction
to Augmented product
need Branded product
Basic product that fulfils a need

By delight we mean that extra facilities are provided in terms of fruit trays, fridge full of drinks, a cake with the inscription, “Welcome to Le Meridian” Information about the contents of the food and the calories of the meal is provided. Any other information is readily available and can be had at the press of a button. This delights the customer, and the company also benefits as they get a premium on the price which justifies the investment made for delighting the customer.

Many companies are offering products and services to delight the customer, to try to retain the existing customer, and also to attract new customers. Given below are the practices adopted by various companies.
Wipro delighted the customer by delivering the computers to the clients at a much earlier date than promised, thus generating unexpected benefits to the consumer.
Arvind Group of Mills are trying their best by improving the quality of cotton, and for this they are ready to import the best technologies. The improvement in the quality of cotton will delight the customer and supplier, and build lasting relationships with them.
Maruti Udyog Limited has given a number of choices to the consumers for their cars with special attributes, so that the customers of different income groups can choose from various cars available. This includes, Maruti 800, Maruti Van, Zen, Esteem, WagonR, Alto and
Baleno. Special features are built in to give the customer extraordinary benefits in terms of comfort, economy, durability, smoothness, space, etc.

Other car companies are also engaged in the same pursuit. Airline services, rail and bus services, tour operators and manufacturers are also trying their best to do what ever they can in this regard, to delight the customer.

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