Consumer Research Introduction Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Research is an off shoot of Marketing Research. Both follow the same steps and both are used for making better decisions. Consumer research is carried out to understand the behaviour of consumers. How they would react to promotional messages and how their attitudes change after being exposed to the media messages. These studies and understandings can help the marketer to frame appropriate strategies to woo the consumer, to face competition and to locate target markets.
The consumer research follows almost the same steps as are carried out in marketing research, which is known as research methodology.

  1. To define the problem and formulating the objectives of the research.
  2. Collecting and evaluating secondary data.
  3. Designing a primary research study if secondary data is insufficient.
  4. Collecting Primary Data by means of interviews, questionnaires, surveys etc.
  5. Analyzing the data.
  6. Preparing a report.


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