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All business when transacted is done under some agreements. These agreements may be writtenor just on an understanding between the two parties. Most people enter into an agreement,but friendship and kinship are also given a lot of importance. Verbal commitments are alsobinding in some cultures, where signing a contract is just a mere formality.

Different cultures attach different meaning to things. Things include products as well as giftsgiven in certain business and social situations. An appropriate product in the form of a gift isto be carefully chosen. The gifts can be big or small. They can be given openly or presentedprivately. This depends on the practices followed in that particular country. Some want tomake a show of the gift, by giving it in front of others. Others are secretive about it.

Symbols and Colours
Different countries attach different meanings to symbols, numbers and colours. Symbols canbe flowers, triangles, pictures and animals, etc. Some numbers are considered lucky, and othersnot so lucky, or even unlucky, like 13, 4, etc. Colours have different interpretations. Pink isassociated with a female, and blue with the male in the US, whereas it is just the opposite inHolland.

A list of colours and their interpretations is given below:

  1. White: Symbol of mourning or death in the Far East, happiness, purity and peace in theUnited States.
  2. Purple: Associated with death in many Latin American countries.
  3. Blue: Symbolisesfeminity in Holland and masculinity in the United States, Sweden,India, etc.
  4. Red: Colour for brides and children in India. Sign of masculinity in the UK and France,negative in Nigeria, Germany and positive in Denmark, Rumania and Argentina.
  5. Yellow: Sign of death in Mexico, infidelity in France, celebrations in many other countries including India.
  6. White lilies: Suggestion of death in England.

Symbol of Numbers
No. 7 is lucky in India, USA, Morocco, Nicaragua and Czechoslovakia.
No. 13 is unlucky in many countries including India.
No. 4 is symbol of death in Japan. Packing in 4s is avoided.
Triangle is negative in Hong Kong and Taiwan positive in Columbia.
Owl predicts wisdom in the United States, bad luck in India.

Deer is a symbol of speed, grace in the United States; homosexuality in Brazil.

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