9. Nicosia Model Consumer Behaviour

Nicosia model of Consumer behaviour with example

This model explains the consumer behaviour on the basis of four fields shown in the diagram. The output of field one becomes the input of field two, and so on.
Field one consists of sub fields one and two. Sub field one is the firm’s attributes and the attributes of the product. The sub field two is the predisposition of the consumer and his own characteristics and attributes, which are affected by his exposure to various information and message, and is responsible for the building of attitude of the consumer.
Field two is the pre action field, where the consumer goes on for research and evaluation and gets motivated to buy the product. It highlights the means and end relationship. Field three is the act of purchase or the decision-making to buy the product. The customer buys the product and uses it. Field four highlights the post-purchase behaviour and the use of the product,its storage and consumption. The feedback from field four is fed into the firms attributes or field one, and the feedback from the experience is responsible for changing the pre-disposition of the consumer and later his attitude towards the product. Nicosia Model is a comprehensive model of dealing with all aspects of building attitudes,purchase and use of product including the post-purchase behaviour of the consumer.


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