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Pavlovian Model of Consumer Behaviour

This model is named after the Russian Physiologist Ivan Pavlov. He experimented on a dog and observed how it responded on the call of a bell and presenting it with a piece of meat. The responses were measured by the amount of saliva secreted by the dog. Learning is defined as the changes in behavior which occur by practice and, based on previous experience. This is important to marketers as well.

The learning process consists of the following factors:

This is a strong internal stimuli which impels action. Because of the drive, a person is stimulated to action to fulfil his desires.

Can be innate (in-born) which stem from physiological needs, such as hunger, thirst, pain,cold, sex, etc. Learned drive, such as striving for status or social approval. Cause are weak stimuli that determine when the buyer will respond. We have:

  • Triggering Cues: These activate the decision process for any purchase.
  • Non-triggering Cues: These influence the decision process but do not activate it.

These are of two kinds:

  1. Product cues are external stimuli received from the product directly, e.g., color of package, weight, style, price, etc.
  2. Informational cues are external stimuli which provide information about the product, like advertisement, sales promotion, talking to other people, suggestions of sales personnel, etc.

Response is what the buyer does, i.e., buys or does not buy.

Thus, when a person has a need to buy, say clothing, and passes by a showroom and is attracted by the display of clothing, their color and style, which acts as a stimulus, and he makes a purchase. He uses it, and if he likes it, an enforcement takes place and he is happy and satisfied with the purchase. He recommends it to his friends as well, and visits the same shop again. Learning part, thus is an important part of buyer behaviour and the marketer tries to create a good image of the product in the mind of the consumer for repeat purchases through learning.

Input-process and output model

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