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What is Concordion assertTrue Command?

Concordion assertTrue command is used when the fixture needs to know the expected result in order to perform a test.

Consider the following requirement −

If we want a test to be executed on the User Name and check whether the user name starts with R or not.

When Concordion parses the document, it will set a temporary variable #userName to be the value "Robert De". Then it will check if the userName starts with the letter specified by #letter variable set in next command.


Let us have a working Eclipse IDE in place and follow the steps given below to create a Concordion application −

Step Description
1 Create a project with a nameconcordionand create a packagecom.wisdomjobsunder thesrcfolder in the created project.
2 Add the required Concordion libraries usingAdd External JARsoption as explained in theConcordion - First Applicationchapter.
3 Create Java classSystemunder thecom.wisdomjobspackage.
4 Create Fixture classSystemFixtureunder thespecs.wisdomjobspackage.
5 Create Specification htmlSystem.htmlunder thespecs.wisdomjobspackage.
6 The final step is to create the content of all the Java files and specification file and run the application as explained below.

Here is the content of the file −

Following is the content of the System.html file −

Once you are done with creating source and specification files, let us run the application as JUnit Test. If everything is fine with your application, then it will produce the following result −

System.html is the output of Concordion test run.


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