Compiler Design Tutorial

Compiler Design Tutorial

What do you understand by the term Compiler Design?

The code that is written in one language is changed to some other language without the change in the meaning of the program by a Compiler. In the aspects of time and space, the target code is made efficient and optimized by the compiler.

The in depth view of the process of translation and optimization is provided by the compiler design principles. Basic translation mechanism and the error detection and recovery is covered by the compiler design. The compiler design consist of lexical, syntax an semantic analysis on the front end and the back end consist of code generation and optimization.

Who are the audience for learning the concept of Compiler Design?

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the beginners and students who want to learn the basic principles of compilers. The readers who want to learn more about compilers can follow this tutorial. On completion of this tutorial, one can design a compiler themselves.

What are the prerequisites required for learning Compiler Design?

Good knowledge and understanding of any one of the programming language such as C or Java is essential for learning the concept of Compiler Design. Also good knowledge about the concept of Assembly Programming would be an added advantage for learning the concept of Compiler Design.

Compiler Design Tutorial: List of Topics

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