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Explain briefly about the software of Collaborative writing

Collaborative writing software is most widely used by the organizations that are into the editorials of the collaborative writing. The collaborative writing software facilitates the writers in getting the work edited and use words which make the writing more impact than the others.

By the usage of the collaborative writing software, the creative writing goes through refinement on a constant basis and thus the content comes out to be comprehensive without any errors adding entertainment value to the content. Therefore many companies have started practicing some of the online software for collaborative writing such as Editorially.

Constant Refinement

This software facilitates the writer in uploading the documents and make them online such that the document can be viewed by the desired and can provide the feedback. The only drawback with ‘Editorially’ is that no two collaborative writers can edit the document online at the same time. But this drawback defeats the main purpose of collaborative writing with regard to the concepts and chapters that have numbers and formula.

This calls for a new software for collaborative writing. In addition to the drawbacks of the Editorially, some other concerns are also being identified, which have to be addressed by the new collaborative writing software. They are as follows -

  • Distraction Free
  • Interactive Support
  • Annotation and discussion
  • Document handling
  • Import and export

Free of Distraction

When concentration and interest is being lost by the writers, writing turns out to be very difficult. When the writer is full of ideas, then distractions such as pop-ups, annotations, notifications etc will distract the concentration of the writer and hence writers should be free of distraction.


Interactive Support

The interaction of the writer with the user interface should be made very minimal to the possible extent. It implies that writer should be provided with many keyboard shortcuts.

For instance, the words that are being encircled with hyphens look better when it is bold and italic. This simplifies the reading.

Annotation and Discussion

In addition to the writing assistance, a collaborative writing software tool also has to assist in post-writing such as editing and sharing of the document thus may lead to text being reviewed. Provisions has to be made by the software such that changes can be tracked, highlight or for the replacement. This enables to track and identify the changes of each and every member of the team.


Document Handling

The software of collaborative writing should also facilitate in tracing each and every change that is being made to the original draft as collaborative writing involves several revisions to the original draft of the document. All the changes that are being done to the original document are very essential and hence should be traceable.

Import and Export

The collaborative writing software should be very flexible enough enabling to import any information that is additional to the original text by the writer as and when required. Some of the software which are meant for sharing the files should be used or incorporated by thye collaborative Writing software.


In today’s world of business and competition, one of the most considerable invaluable assets to the company is the skills of doing the project by practicing collaborative writing. The employees or the tea members practicing collaborative writing are being given more priority and importance.

Production of the shared authorship documents is considered as the future of the organizations. All that is required is the trust among the members of the team which motivates them to work together. Along with this, respect for other cultures is developed among the members of the team of collaborative writing and the most important advantage is that of getting multiple view points to the document thus making the document more valuable.

It all stands in the interest of each and every person that they should be successfully working in collaborative team, which makes the business writing valuable and successful.

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