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What is Construction Theory of Collaborative Writing?

A research study was conducted on students. Three different student groups were considered and were assigned collaborative writing to them. They were asked to right on four to eight products. The groups while writing the documents, the teams were following some of the strategies. These strategies that are being followed by the team are analyzed by the researchers. The researchers derived that the groups were following some processes for construction of the knowledge. They are as follows -

  • Parallel Construction
  • Sequential Summative Construction
  • Sequential Integrating Construction
  • Integrating Construction

Parallel Construction

Under this strategy, the task is divided and shared among the members of the team and each member of the team is asked to work on the specific part of the document. All these writing are combined to form the final document. In some instances, the task is divided into different portions and is shared among all the team members. Once each of the team completes the writing, some selected portion of their writings is considered and combined together such that the final document is formed.

Sequential Summative Construction

Under sequential summative construction, the document that is not completely written and which is divided into sections is being assigned to the members of the team for completing as per the desired requirements with respect to style, technique, verbiage, and specifications. This work is usually assigned by the senior member of the team to the rest of the team members. Once the team members complete their task, the final document is submitted.

Sequential Integrating Construction

In a sequential Integration Construction, the document which is either fully completed or partially completed by the team member is submitted and now it is made open to the rest of the team members for their reviews and suggestions or for creating discussions with respect to whether they agree or disagree with the document.

Integrating Construction

Integration Construction is to be differentiated from Sequential Integration Construction in the sense that in Integration construction, when the document is still in writing staged, the changes and modifications are suggested, while in sequential integration construction, the changes and modifications are suggested only once the document is submitted.

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