Procedure Division Structure - COBOL

Procedure Division Structure

The Procedure Division must conform to one of the following formats:

Format 1:Declaratives or Sections

Declaratives or Sections

Format 2:Paragraphs


segment-number-1 must be an integer ranging in value from 0 through 49.

segment-number-2 must be an integer ranging in value from 0 through 127.

If a segment-number is omitted from the section header, the segment-number is assumed to be 0.

All sections that have the same segment-number constitute a program segment. Sections that have the same segment-numbers need not be physically contiguous in the source program.

Segments with segment-number 0 through 49 belong to the fixed portion of the object program.

Segments with segment-number 50 through 127 are independent segments.A program without declaratives may consist solely of independent segments.

Declarative sections must be grouped at the beginning of the Procedure Division, preceded by the keyword DECLARATIVES and followed by the keywords END DECLARATIVES.

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