The ACCEPT statement with the MESSAGE COUNT phrase causes the number of complete messages in a queue to be made available.

Format 4:Accept Input CD Message Count

Accept Input CD Message Count

cd-name-1 must reference an input CD.

The ACCEPT MESSAGE COUNT statement causes the message count data item specified for cd-name-1 to be updated to indicate the number of complete messages that exist in the queue structure designated by the contents of the data items specified by data-name-1 (SYMBOLIC QUEUE) through data-name-4 (SYMBOLIC SUB-QUEUE-3 of the area referenced by cd-name-1)

Upon execution of the ACCEPT MESSAGE COUNT statement, the area specified by a communication description entry must contain at least the name of the symbolic queue to be tested.Testing the condition causes the contents of the data items referenced by data-name-10 (STATUS KEY) and data-name-11 (MESSAGE COUNT) of the area associated with the communication description entry to be appropriately updated.

ACCEPT Message Count Statement Example


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