What about the Enterprise? Cloud Computing

The discussion up to now has focused on the individual user (even if that user is getting services from the enterprise). But what about the enterprise? Quest Diagnostics, a leading testing laboratory, wanted to facilitate interaction with its customers. It has a cloudbased system where you can schedule appointments. You can also receive your test results online if the following are all true:

  • Your physician is using a Quest Diagnostics computer system.
  • Your physician agrees to release your results.
  • You have a linked account with a health management service such as Google Health™, Keas™, Microsoft®, HealthVault™, or MyCare360™(all cloud-based).

While the bureaucracy is a bit intimidating, and not all physicians are familiar with the process for dispensing the required pins for access (HIPAA privacy rules are very strict), the service itself works very well and actually interfaces with multiple other cloud applications (as noted); this begins to demonstrate the power of cloud computing. Providing a comprehensive cloud-based electronic health record application serving medical practitioners as well as their patients is what Practice- Fusion does. It’s so interesting that we devote a chapter to a case study of this application.

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