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Once an application is entirely running on Amazon’s AWS cloud platform, it’s time to take the full advantage of the platform and make it scale. You can set up Monitoring to keep up with what’s going on on your system. Amazon provides a service called CloudWatchthat allows you to monitor your machines and applications.

Based on the monitoring metrics, you may decide to use Amazon’s auto-scaling and Elastic Load Balancing capabilities to be able to consume and release computing resources according to demand.

Although Amazon is responsible for the physical well-being of its servers, and also for the system software, monitoring is still your responsibility. Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) for AWS15 is one tool that allows customers to gain the insights they need to proactively monitor AWS performance so they can optimize service levels. NMS monitors the availability and performance of AWS’ EC2 and S3 systems.

NMS offers the scalability organizations require, whether they’re looking to manage ten AWS instances or hundreds. NMS provides customers with visibility into resource utilization, operational issues, and overall demand patterns. CloudWatch also provides some of the features of NMS.

NMS can aggregate and report on metrics for CPU utilization, data transfer, and the disk usage and activity for each EC2 instance. It also monitors elastic load balancers for metrics such as request count and request latency.

Nimsoft Monitoring Solution for AWS.

Nimsoft Monitoring Solution for AWS.

Metrics available include:

  • Overall AWS health
  • CloudWatch values:
  • CPUUtilization
  • NetworkIn
  • NetworkOut
  • DiskWriteOps
  • DiskReadOps
  • DiskReadOps
  • DiskReadBytes
  • S3 file transfer times
  • EC2 instance deployment time

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