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While some might disagree, I define legacy applications as those not written to support a standards-based, Internet-based, and Web-based architecture. With this broad definition, I am obviously sweeping in all “native” personal computer applications, including such stalwarts as Microsoft Office (at least prior to Office 2010).

Sooner or later, enterprises will want to rewrite or replace their legacy applications with those written using a modern architecture, migrate them to the cloud, and manage and control them remotely. In the meantime, the second and third goals can be accomplished using Citrix or VMware’s desktop virtualization tool, Gladinet for moving data to the cloud, even when the application remains on the desktop and the data needs to be accessed by the legacy desktop application. we discuss Nasuni and other vendors whose products reduce or eliminate the potential for data lock-in. JSP was released in 1999 as Sun’s answer to ASP and PHP. JSP was designed to address the perception that the Java programming environment didn’t provide developers with enough support for the Web. A servlet is a protocol for how a Java class may respond to HTTP requests and provides a “pure Java” HTTP Web server environment on which Java code can be run.

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