Leakage Cloud Computing

The major concern that we hear when transitioning to a public cloud is being considered is what I call Leakage : Can one client’s data be accessed (purposefully, inadvertently, or maliciously) by another client? Clearly, data in an access restricted walled garden divorced from communications lines is the least vulnerable, but it’s also the least accessible—it requires physical presence in the walled garden to access the data. At the other end of the spectrum is a multitenant environment in which multiple users share the same physical facilities and even the same programs, with access delivered over the Internet. In this case, the risks of inadvertent data-sharing or program corruption are greatest, but with suitable safeguards, may be perfectly acceptable. There is a belief (often a misbelief ) that doing it all in-house automatically increases reliability, availability, and security. Conversely, the more things are outsourced, the greater the perceived risks that are assumed. It’s not necessarily so.

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