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More than 99,000 customers—including more than 80,000 cloud computing customers—and 2,900 employees, make Rackspace a leading cloud hosting service. They offer Rackspace Cloud, providing Cloud Sites, scalable, virtualized servers, Cloud Servers for hosting scalable Web sites, and Cloud Files, storage service in the cloud.

GoGrid offers a wide variety of ready- to- go Windows and Linux Cloud Servers, either as on -demand, self service hosting, or as dedicated hosting of scalable networks in a hybrid environment. It has the most generous SLA in industry: 24/7 support and one hundred percent uptime.

ElasticHosts provides virtual servers based on Linux KVM, running on their own server farms, located in three fully independent data centers across two continents. ElasticHosts monitor, service, and upgrade the underlying infrastructure, providing customers with high performance, availability and scalability.

The company states that its virtual servers offer the power and control of a traditional hosted server, with the following benefits:

  • Instant flexibility: to scale your machine up or down using any web browser
  • Peace of mind: of running on professionally managed infrastructure, with automatic failover
  • Cost efficiency: of buying exactly the capacity you need on an infrastructure built to scale, and growing only when you need to

SymetriQ is a provider of cloud computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). SymetriQ offers virtual server hosting on a UK-based infrastructure, which the client can deploy in minutes to create a virtual data center. The company says:

Specifically we provide you with the following services via our virtual servers and all are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, like utility billing:

  • Processing power
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating Systems (Windows, Solaris, Linux)

Building a custom virtual image with SymetriQ.

Building a custom virtual image with SymetriQ.

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