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Hosting Services

Hosting services provide, in order of ascending cost:

  • Co-location services, which only provide physical facilities, Internet connection, uninterruptible power, and climate control; the client provides and owns the equipment and is responsible for system administration.
  • Virtual private servers , in which virtualization technology is employed to allow multiple logical servers to share a single physical server owned, supplied, and maintained by the hosting service. Virtual firewalls ensure security.

Viglen Intel Blade servers (licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 License)

Viglen Intel Blade servers (licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 License)

  • Dedicated hosting services , also called managed hosting services, in which the service provider owns and manages the machine, leasing full control to the client. Management of the server typically includes monitoring (to ensure the server continues to work effectively), backup services, installation of security patches, and various levels of technical support, and may include a physical firewall. Traditional hosting does not provide software beyond systems software.

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