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VMware and Google collaborate. (Courtesy, VMware).

VMware and Google collaborate. (Courtesy, VMware).

In May 2010, Google announced a collaboration with VMware for deployment and development of apps on the new cloud infrastructure.

VMware and Google have a shared vision to make it easy to build, run, and manage applications for the cloud, and to do so in a way that makes applications portable across clouds. With this joint initiative, Spring becomes the preferred Java programming model for Google App Engine. Additionally, the two companies have been working to integrate Google’s GWT (Google Web Toolkit) technology with the Spring framework and development tools, to enable Spring developers to easily and rapidly build rich internet applications.

Added to the mix is the announcement of VMforce, the new collaboration between VMware and Salesforce, which make it easy and fast to build apps and then deploy them to Google App Engine for Business, a VMware environment (on a vSphere infrastructure, vCloud partner, or on Salesforce’s VMforce), or other supported infrastructures, such as Amazon EC2. The aim is to make it easy to create rich, multi-device Web applications hosted in a Java-compatible hosting environment.

Users of Google App Engine for business can now use VMware’s Spring Source Tool Suite and Spring Roo, which are integrated with Google Web Toolkit and Speed Tracer.

Google has added new data presentation widgets in its Google Web Toolkit to speed the development of traditional enterprise applications, increase performance and interactivity for enterprise users, and make it easier to create mobile apps. Thanks to the integration with VMware’s Spring Source Tool Suite, Speed Tracer now helps developers identify and fix performance problems not only in the client and network portions of their apps, but also on the server.

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