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Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit (DaRT) provides powerful tools that help administrators recover PCs that have become unusable and easily identify root causes of system and network issues—reducing downtime and costs:

  • Unbootable or locked-out systems can be quickly repaired and lost files restored
    without the time-consuming process of backing up or reinstalling the operating system.
  • The suite of tools provides many recovery options, so you don’t have to reinstall Windows, even when the Safe Mode or normal boot will not function.

Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) enforces policy settings. Support for AGPM provided by Windows Intune is designed to give you a fast and straightforward method to manage Microsoft software updates, malware protection, and firewall policies. However, the Windows Intune cloud service does not enable the configuration of Group Policy settings. Businesses with an ongoing need to manage Group Policy settings will be able to download and use AGPM. Group Policy provides a more comprehensive set of controls but also introduces more complexity. With AGPM, you can reduce the possibility of errors and better respond to requests to implement new or modified policies.

  • AGPM provides a layer of protection and process on top of Group Policy to ensure that organizations can get the most out of this technology while making sure that errant changes are not introduced into their environment until they are tested and approved.
  • The key benefits of AGPM are:

    • Offline editing of Group Policy
    • Simple workflow
    • Rollback to previous state
    • Role-based delegation
    • Change control
  • You can also use AGPM to define workflows to ensure that approvers and reviewers are aware of the pending changes. And it lets you know when changes have been reviewed. It can even help bridge organizational gaps, such as departmental policies that may prevent desktop administrators from managing PCs using Group Policy when server Group Policy objects are managed by server administrators.

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