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3Tera, acquired by CA in June 2010, offers Cloudware, an architecture providing an open framework to allow the development of a cloud computing environment that’s open enough to work on nearly any Web/enterprise application. The absence of cloud computing standards have led to vendor lock-in, where each cloud vendor offers a proprietary cloud. Cloudware is a big step toward bridging clouds and creating standards that will lead to an open environment for clouds, providing customers with mix-and-match capability and freedom of movement. 3Tera presents its vision of “Utility Computing” on its Web site:

3Tera’s AppLogic grid operating system eliminates the binding of software to hardware through self-contained software components called virtual appliances. Combined with an expansive management capability and simple graphical interface, implementing, managing and deploying applications to a cloud is fast and easy. The use of virtual appliances also makes services scalable within 3Tera AppLogic. In essence 3Tera provides the fundamental elements of a cloud solution that can be offered by a service provider or used directly by enterprises.

When virtual appliances aren’t running, they consume no processing resources and only a small amount of storage. As such, rather than using them sparingly like traditional software, virtual appliances can be packaged with every application that uses them. In essence, the virtual appliances form a disposable infrastructure on which the application relies while operating. When the application is run, the virtual infrastructure it requires is created dynamically on the grid, maintained while it runs, and disposed of when it stops.

3Tera AppLogic enables users to build a cloud computing environment in a matter of hours, and includes the features needed to operate and manage the cloud. Users take virtual appliances and assemble them into composite services through a simple drag-and-drop interface. These services are then deployed and scaled as needed on the 3Tera AppLogic cloud as a single logical entity. The platform also provides a single point of management for the cloud, and access to advanced high availability features, resource metering, operations monitoring, and a scriptable command line interface.

3Tera AppLogic is vendor-neutral. It uses advanced virtualization technologies to be completely compatible with existing operating systems – Windows, Linux and Unix -middleware and applications. Minimum requirements are Intel P4 or compatible AMD processor at 1GHz or better, 512MB of RAM, 80GB of ATA/SATA storage, one gigabit Ethernet interface for the backbone and another Ethernet interface for the public network.

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