Clarify Crm Interview Questions & Answers

Clarify Crm Interview Questions

Clarify Crm Interview Questions And Answers

    1. Question 1. What Is Crm ?

      Answer :

      CRM is a software application and its full form is Customer Relationship Management. It is a tool which helps to develop a relationship with the customers. It helps to make contacts, sales processes, productivity, and workflow more manageable.

      This software has customer details such as their contact number, address, email address, etc which are confidential. These details can be used only by the company. The software shows what relationship is there between the company and the customer.

      It helps in understanding the target audience better which helps to improve company's profitability.

    2. Question 2. What Are The Benefits Of Using Crm ?

      Answer :

      Here are some of the important advantages of CRM:

      1. Stores vast information an organized way, properly categorized for future reference.
      2. Task tracking:Lets you fix appointments and alerts you about the upcoming task. Allows synchronization of data with calendars for timely reminders.
      3. Efficient management of employees' performance, progress assisting you with recognizing training needs.
      4. Selling opportunities:With information about customer's likes and preferences you get more selling opportunity. 
      5. Helps in analyzing data:It can prepare automatic reports which saves a lot of time.
      6. Improves efficiency of teams: Stored information can be easily accessed by different teams. Each team can get valuable information improving its efficiency and productivity.
      7. Improves customer service: Information about customers buying habits, preferences, and history allows you to easily find solutions to the customer's problems. Check the database for potential issues and providing a solution helps in improving customer experience
      8. Customer retention:Better customer service implies improved customer retention.

    3. Question 3. Are There Any Disadvantages Of Using Crm ?

      Answer :

      CRM helps to keep a track of customer information.

      Here are a few:

      • Transition from manual to automatic processes may be cumbersome.
      • Keeping the backup of information becomes expensive.
      • In large companies, you need to have specialized training for employees. Training for managers differs from the training provided to the regular staff as there are specialized functions for managers. Training can take up a few days and rolling out schedules at times is difficult for large companies. 

    4. Question 4. Why Should A Company Use Crm ?

      Answer :

      CRM is a tool which helps in analyzing all of the interactions with your customers. CRM helps to make your business more efficient and increase the productivity of the employee. Here are a few reasons why you need CRM for your business.

      Effective reporting :CRM helps you to understand the activity of every executive. This will help you to identify if any sales executive needs help.

      Helps to grow business: CRM helps to identify new product requirement in the market. It can be used by the employees to cross sell and up sell.

      Ensures best sales practice: CRM helps you to provide consistently high quality service to the customers. 

      Helps to understand customers better: CRM captures information about customer's behavior, their likes, and dislikes, preferences, and needs.

      Reduces workload and overhead costs: Most of the work is automated which reduces the administrative overhead cost and the work is performed faster.

    5. Question 5. What Are The Crm Technology Components ?

      Answer :

      • CRM Engine
      • Front-Office Solutions
      • Enterprise Application Integrations (EAIs) for CRM
      • CRM in the Back Office
      • CRM Engine
      • This would be the customer data repository.
      • The data mart or data warehouse is where all data on the customer is captured and stored.
      • This could include basic stuff such as name, address, phone number, and birth date.
      • The purpose is a single gathering point for all individual customer information so that a unified c  

    6. Question 6. In Clarify Crm Billing Manager, What Is The Relation Between Financial Account And The Billing Arrangement ?

      Answer :

      It is One to One.For every account there is one Billing site and one Billing Contact. 

    7. Question 7. Does Clarify Database Has Explicit Primary Keys Defined For The Tables ?

      Answer :

      NO. Primary key are not defined in the Clarify Database. The restrictions and relationships are managed by the application itself.

    8. Question 8. What Are The Features Of Ecrm ?

      Answer :

      • eCRM implies capabilities like self service knowledge bases, automated email response, personalization of web content, online product bundling and pricing.
      • eCRM gives Internet users the ability to interact with the business through their preferred communication channel.
      •  It also allows business to offset expensive customer service agents with technology.
      •  eCRM puts much emphasis on the customer satisfaction and reduced cost through improved efficiency.

    9. Question 9. How Will You Improve Your Crm Strategy Using Social Media ?

      Answer :

      Customer relationship management is high priority for most of the companies but most of them are leaving behind social media. By using social media CRM tools you can provide a better experience to your customers. 

      Here are a few ways through which you can improve your CRM strategy with social media:

      • Keep an open eye on your customer's journey and try to know the engagement metrics which helps to build a long-term relationship. Connect with your customers at each step of the journey. Connect so they remember your brand.
      • Do not neglect the negative comments.A CRM strategy needs to understand the buyer's journey at all stages.
      • Have a powerful Social CRM tool that allows your brand to get all the information about the customers and the conversation history every time you reply to a complaint.
      • Look for keywords and hashtags which will help you get more potential customers who you might not have come across while using traditional sales funnel.
      • Keep a consistent brand experience across all your social channels. Make sure you maintain your brand voice on all the channels.

    10. Question 10. What Are The Different Types Of Crm ?

      Answer :

      There are three types of CRM:

      Operational CRM: Operational CRM helps in the efficient running of business processes which includes sales automation, marketing automation, and service automation. The main focus of operational CRM is to get leads and convert them into customers. It also ensures that you capture all the customer details and provide service throughout the customer life cycle.  

      Analytical CRM: Analytical CRM helps to determine the best way to serve customers. In this application, the main focus is on data analysis. It analyzes the data and helps management to take better decision. It also helps to build a strong customer relationship.

      Collaborative CRM: This application enables an organization to share customers information with various teams such as sales, marketing, etc. This is also known as Strategic CRM. The aim of this CRM application is to use the information to increase sales by acquiring new customers and gain customer loyalty.

    11. Question 11. What Do You Understand By On-premise Crm ?

      Answer :

      On - premise CRM is the case where the CRM is hosted and run by the systems within the company.

    12. Question 12. What Are Objectives Of Crm ?

      Answer :

      • To create a consistent customer experience
      • Your relationship with customer should be thought of as an ongoing conversation without end.
      • Collective consciousness expected
      • Customers talking to Accounts receivables person, sales person, call from telemarketing person, direct marketing, returning to web site. 

    13. Question 13. What Are The Advantages Of Crm ?

      Answer :

      • Provide better customer service
      • Make call centers more efficient
      • Cross sell products more effectively
      • Help sales staff close deals faster
      • Simplify marketing and sales processes
      • Discover new customers
      • Increase customer revenues 

    14. Question 14. What Is The Full Form Of Cdo ?

      Answer :

      CDO means Clarify CRM Data Objects not Common Data Objects as i supposeThese are the Client side data objects. 

    15. Question 15. How To Add Business Partner In Sap Crm ?

      Answer :

      Business partner get in to CRM system through various sites.1. Direct creation of BP in CRM system.2.ELM3.User Creations through Mkt. Campaign Internet sales4.Through CIC5.Transfer from R/3

    16. Question 16. What Is Yanking ?

      Answer :

      The acceptance of the workflow object like case from the common pool or queue, by the user 

    17. Question 17. What Are The Types Of Crm Technology ?

      Answer :

      1. Operational CRM
      2. Analytical CRM
      3. collaborative CRM

    18. Question 18. What Is Customer Life Cycle ?

      Answer :

      The life cycle of the customer is the process the customer has been undergoing to be with company for all the years.

      This includes the customers purchase history, perhaps how often shes taken advantage of special offers directed at her or her customer class.

      Depending on what company identify as important to customers return on investment (ROI), it could also include customers marketing value to company and how much revenue that marketing value could be worth indirectly. 

    19. Question 19. What Is Crm Technology ?

      Answer :

      CRM is disciplined business strategy. CRM technology is the driver of the strategy.Technology, in the form of networked collaboration, communication, knowledge management and automated electronic processes can enable different groups within the company to work seamlessly as one unit to fulfill the CRM vision. The accepted definition of CRM technology is generally accepted to apply to "front office" processes.

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