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What is CherryPy Vocabulary?

For understanding the working of CherryPy, one need to know few important keyword. The keywords and their definitions are as follows −

Keyword & Definition
Web Server
Web server acts as an interface dealing with the HTTP protocol. Its main goal is to transform the HTTP requests to the application server so that they get the responses.
Application is a piece of software which collects information.
Application server
Application server is the component holding one or more applications
Web application server
Web application server is the combination of web server and application server.


The below example shows a sample code of CherryPy–

Let us now learn how the code works −

The CherryPypackage is always imported in toparticular class to make sure proper functioning.

In the discussed example, the function index returns the parameter “Hello World!!!”.

The last line starts the web server and calls the classdemoexample (here, demoExample) and returns the value which isgiven in default function index.

The example code returns the below output −

What is CherryPy Vocabulary

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