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What is Chef Client Setup?

So as to influence Chef node to speak with Chef server, you have to set up Chef client on the node.

Chef Client

This is one of the key parts of Chef node, which recovers the cookbooks from the Chef server and executes them on the node. It is otherwise called the Chef provisioner.

Here, we will utilize Vagrant to oversee VM. Vagrant can likewise be configured with the provisioner, for example, Shell script, Chef and Puppet to get VM into an ideal state. For our situation, we will utilize Vagrant to oversee VMs utilizing VirtualBox and Chef client as a provisioner.

Step 1 − Download and install VirtualBox from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/downlod

Step 2 − Download and install Vagrant at http://downloads.vagrantup.com

Step 3 – Let’s install Vagrant Omnibus plugin to get the Vagrant to install Chef client on the VM.

Creating and Booting Virtual

Step 1 – Here you need to download the required Vagrant box from the Opscode vagrant repo. Let’s download the opscode-ubuntu-12.04 box from the following URL https://opscode-vmbento.s3.amazonaws.com/vagrant/opscode_ubuntu-12.04_provisionerless.box

Step 2 – After getting the Vagrant file, download the path you need to edit the Vagrant file.

Make sure that you have update the <YOUR_ORG> name with the correct or required administration name in the above program.

Step 3 – In this step you need to get the vagrant box up. Here you need to move to the location where Vagrant box is located and run the following command.

Step 4 – Login with the following command after the machine is up.

It was seen that in the above command, vagrantfile is written in a Ruby Environment Specific Language (DSL) for configuring the vagrant virtual machine.

It is also known that in the vagrant file, it includes the config object. Vagrant will use this config object to configure the VM.

To boot the node ,you will tell vagrant which VM image to use, in command to boot the node inside the config block.

In the next step, you will tell Vagrant to download the omnibus plugin

Once you select the VM box to boot, then configure how to provision the box using Chef.

Here ,set up instruction on how to clone the virtual node to the Chef server. You need to tell Vagrant where you need to store all the Chef stuff on the node.

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