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What is Version Control System Setup in Chef?

Version Control system is the basic infrastructureautomation system in Chef. You can find different types of version control system such as SVN, CVS, and GIT. Due to the popularity of GIT in Chef and we can use the GIT setup.

Note − Do n’t think of building an infrastructureas a code without a version control system.

On Windows

Step 1 – Here download the Windows installer from with following installation steps.

Step 2 – Let’s sign up for a central repository on GitNode.

Step 3 – Now upload the ssh key to the GitNode account to interact with it easily. For details on ssh key visit the following link

Step 4 – Now create a repo on the gitnode account by visiting with the name of chef-repo.

To proceed to write a cookbook, you need to set up an initial GIT repository on the development box and perform cloning with the empty repository provided by Opscode.

Step 1 – Now download Opscode Chef repository empty syntax.

Step 2 − Extract the tar ball.

Step 3 − Rename the directory.

Step 4 − Change the current working directory to chef repo.

Step 5 − Initialize a fresh get repo.

Step 6 − Connect to your repo on the git node.

Step 7 − Push the local repo to gitnode.

If you follow the above system you will get an empty chef repo in place. Now you can start working on developing the recipes and cookbooks. Once you have done the changes you can push the changes to the GitNode.

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