Chef Roles - Chef (software)

What is Chef Roles?

Roles in Chef are an intelligent method for gathering nodes. Commonplace cases are to have roles for web servers, database servers, etc. One can set custom run list for every one of the nodes and supersede attribute estimation inside roles.

Create a Role

After creating the role we need to upload to the Chef server.

Upload Role to Chef Server

After that again we need to assign a role to a node called server.

Assign a Role to Node

Run the Chef-Client

How It Works

  • Define a role in a Ruby document inside the roles envelope of Chef archive.
  • A role comprises of a name and a portrayal attribute.
  • A role comprises of role explicit run list and role explicit characteristic settings.
  • Each node that has a role in its run list will have the role's run list demanded into its own.
  • Every one of the formulas in the role's run list will be executed on the node.
  • The role will be transferred to Chef server utilizing the knife role from record direction.
  • The role will be added to the node run list.
  • Running Chef client on a node having the role in its run list will execute every one of the formulas recorded in the role.

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