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What is Chef Foodcritic?

Writing great cookbooks with no issue is a significant troublesome undertaking. In any case, there are ways which can help in distinguishing the traps. Hailing in Chef Cookbook is conceivable. Foodcritic is a standout amongst other method for filing it, which attempts to recognize conceivable issues with the rationale and style of cookbooks.

Foodcritic Setup

Step 1 − Add Foodcritic gem.

Step 2 − Install the gem.

Foodcritic Gem

Step 1 − Run Foodcritic on the cookbook.

Step 2 − Generate a detailed report.

Working Method

Foodcritic defines an arrangement of principles and checks formula specialists, every last one of them. It accompanies different tenets concerning different zones: styles, connectedness, properties, string, likelihood, look, administrations, records, metadata, etc.

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