CDMA Tutorial

CDMA Tutorial

What is CDMA Tutorial?

Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a channel get entry to approach commonly used by 3G radio conversation generation in addition to in a few different technologies. The technicality of CDMA generation has given huge benefits over other parallel technology in terms of spectrum performance and overall performance. that is a short tutorial that describes all the technical phrases in a easy language to make it understandable for all the involved readers.


The tutorial is designed for all those readers who are making plans or pursuing the CDMA course to make their career in this subject. but, it is also meant for the common readers who genuinely need to recognize − what is CDMA technology?


This tutorial presents a basic review of CDMA in a user-friendly way. we have tried to hold it easy enough so that it would be useful to any reader. A wellknown recognition of a few basics of telecommunications is sufficient to recognize the concepts explained in this tutorial.

CDMA Tutorial: List of Topics

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