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What are the different variants of carrom?

A fixed format is followed when the game of carrom is being played in tournaments, which is known as Board. But there are many other ways in which the game of carrom can be played for the purpose od recreation and amusement.


The format of the game that is played at professional level is Board. In this format, one point is allotted to each of the carromman and three points are allotted for the queen. The maximum number of boards that has to play at professional level is eight. The maximum number of points to be obtained for winning the game is 25.

Total point

Total point is the game played for recreation and amusement where the player is allowed to pocket any carromman. Each of the black carromman carries 5 points and each of the white carromman 10 points. This game is usually played for amusement. The player with the maximum number of points is considered as the winner of the game. This game is played by pilling up all the nine black and white carrommen and the queen on the top. All these are placed at the center of the board. The player continues to strike as long as he pockets the carrommen and once he fails to pocket then the strike is passed to the next player.


This type of the carrom game is mostly played in Karachi, Pakistan. The board that is used for playing is larger than the usual board size. The game is played by sliding the striker instead of flicking the striker.


This type of carrom game is mostly played in Japan. Tokyu-ban implies ‘fight ball board’.

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