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Explain in detail about the environment in which the game of carrom is being played

Setting up of a proper playing environment is essential for the game. All the required arrangements have to be made before starting the game. First of all, the stand is used for placing the carrom board on it and the players sit on the chairs on four sides of the board.

How the Carrom Board appears?

The design of the board is prepared in such a manner that the center of the board is decorated with circle and four sides of the board has the base lines. Each end of the base line has circles which are known as the base circles. At the center, inside the circle all the carrommen are arranged as shown in the image below. The striker is used for strucking the carrommen.

Carrom Board Design

The surface of the board is made of plywood which is at a minimum of 8 mm thickness and should be very smooth. The frames of the board are also made of wood and whose height is more than that of the playing surface. The height should be within the range of 1.90 cm to 2.54 cm. The measurement for the frame width should be ranging between 6.35 cm to 7.60 cm.

Carrom Board Arrow

At each corner of the carrom board, four arrows appear as depicted above. The circle with red colour appears at the center of the board. The outer circle lies around the inner red circle and inside the outer circle all the carrommen are arranged.

What are the dimensions of a Carrom Board?

Depending on the usage, carrom boards are made of different sizes. Even boards come in plastic as well. But the boards that are used for professional competitions will be of standard dimensions. The dimensions of the standard carrom board are depicted below -

Dimensions of a Carrom Board

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