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What are the countries that usually participate in the game of carrom?

As the game of carrom was invented in India, all the countries neighbouring India has comfortable learnt and accessed the game. As time passed, almost all the Asian countries have started learning the game and thus has turned up as masters and has obtained expertise in the game of carroms and thus are considered as the best players in the world.

What are the Asian Countries that participate in the game of Carrom?

Apart from the birth country of India, the other Asian countries that participate in the game of Carrom are Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh, Maldives and Nepal. The bodies associated with the game of carroms known as the Carrom Confederation bodies are also been owned by some of these countries.

These individual confederations that are being owned by the individual countries, is governed by a governing body known as Asian Carrom Federation. All the carrom championships with respect to the SAARC countries are conducted by this federation every year.

Carrom was being introduced in Japan with a different name called as tokyu-ban. The English meaning of this name is ‘fight ball board’. In the country of Japan, still the game of tokyu-ban is played.

What are the Non-Asian Countries that participate in the game of Carrom?

Some of the Non-Asian countries such as France, Germany, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland etc have also started playing carroms. Even these countries also own their own carrom federations.

The activities that are associated with the carrom game among these countries are being governed and coordinated by the European Carrom Confederation. Even they conduct carrom every year under the title of Euro Cup championship.

Some of the other countries like United States and Australia has also started playing the game of carrom and is being quite popular in these countries. All the individual state bodies under the United States are being governed and coordinated by the United States Carrom Association. Even tournaments are being conducted by this body.

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