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What are the different equipment used for the game of carrom?

In addition to the carrom board some of the following equipment are used for playing the game of carrom.


The wooden pieces that are circular in shape are known as carrommen. Number of carrommen used for playing are nine black and nine white. One red carrommen is used that is considered as the queen.



A circular piece that is made of plastic which is being used for striking the carrommens is known as a striker. Carrommens are smaller and striker is bigger in dimension.



All the holes that are being provided at the corners are covered by nets which are being fixed to the board from the bottom of the board.



Only the powder made of boric acid is used for spraying on the boards, which enables smooth moving of the carrommens into the pocket.



Stand is used for placing the carrom board at the comfortable height. It enables the players to play comfortable without bending too much.



A light is placed over the board that enables to have a clear visbility of the board and the carrommens and the heat that being produced by the light enables the powder not to stick to the board and ensures free flow of the carrommens.


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