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Briefly provide an overview about the game of Carrom

During the 18th century, one of the indoor games called as carroms was introduced in India. This game requires some of the skills such as good sense of angles, superlative precision and more concentration. This was earlier plays as a part of recreation and was mostly played by women and children but now it is played professionally at competition levels internationally.

What is the main objective behind the game of carom?

A striker is used for playing carom, which is round in shape and us usually made of hard plastic. The game of carom is played on the square board which is wooden polished. The striker and carrommen are used for playing this game. Carrommen are small circular wooden pieces used for the game.


The main objective behind playing this game of carrom is to drive anyone of the carrommen into any of four pockets, each located at the corners of the carrom board. This is played by using the striker by using the flick of the finger on striker such that it goes and hits the carrommen. The main objective behind the game is to pocket all the carrommen including the queen prior to the opponent player and thus score more points that of the opponent.

What should be the team size for playing carrom?

The game of carrom can be played either in singles or in doubles. It can be played by men or women or the combination of men and women. This game allows doubles as well. But in contrary to other indoor games, mixed double teams are not allowed in this game of carroms. When a game is played the maximum size of the team is two.

Team Size

For the major championships and tournaments when conducted internationally, the teams are formed by the participants of various countries.

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